Staff Development – Workshops for Teachers

 Since 1993, Jim has worked with teachers from many school systems in southwestern Ohio to raise their awareness of the arts in and around them, and how to use the arts to help deliver course content in creative and effective ways. The length of workshops is flexible.

 “Am I an Artist?” is especially effective for teachers who do not feel connected to the arts in any special way, with the goal in mind that once they see their own relationship to the arts on several levels, they will be much more inclined to use artistic elements in their teaching practices.

“Science of Music for Teachers” is a workshop designed to demonstrate the many connections between the musical arts and many branches of science. Teachers get hands-on experience with musical instruments and electronic equipment.No special training in either music or science is required.

Jim’s newest workshop is called “Strumming the Standards,” and was recently developed under the guidance of Kennedy Center trainers. In this “hands-on” experience, Jim teaches ukulele basics to teachers (no previous musical experience required!) and how to incorporate the playing of this instrument into content delivery in the classroom.

 Comments from teachers:

“A super day – I enjoyed all the projects…he made a very “safe” environment for all of us.”

“Being an artist is fun and something I look forward to sharing with my students and staff.”

“Such fun! Exceptional presenter!”

“He made you feel like you have artistic ability in a 
risk-free environment.”


 Lorna Dawes, former Executive Director, The Music Machine and former  
 Arts Series Director, Wright State University

 Terry Riley, former Assistant Superintendent, Centerville Schools.

Mindy Cline, Principal, Primary Village North

Debbie Gibson, Music Teacher, Barrington ES