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Jim McCutcheon has taught guitar over 40 years, both privately and at several colleges. He has authored three method books and was awarded the 2017 Ohio Governor’s Award for the Arts in Arts Education.
He teaches many styles of guitar playing to people of all ages – currently, his youngest student is 6 and his oldest is 91!

His approach is based on classical guitar technique, which applies to most styles of playing, even to electric guitar!

He specializes in teaching guitar to young children and has written a method book, “The Very Young Guitarist,” which develops melodic and chordal technique while simultaneously encouraging young students to sing songs, something which actually helps their guitar playing and musicianship.

His students perform annually for judges as part of the National Federation of Music Clubs Federation Festival, and work their way up through many levels of difficulty and earn gold cups along the way. See the video.

Lessons, usually 30 minutes each week, are available through Skype and Zoom. Contact Jim at for more information.